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Theresa, like many, picked up a set of knitting needles when she was just a little girl, but without a teacher, guidance, and no YouTube she lost interest. This scenario repeated itself many times over until she was an adult and it all clicked…she hasn’t stopped!

From there things grew to a passion for all things fibre and the fibre arts. Knitting flowed to crochet and then onto weaving. As her skills broadened, she began to look and was unable to find the blends of colour or inspiration she was seeking for her projects. Theresa, after all, is a self-proclaimed NERD! She loves all things fantastical, especially when it includes magic….so magic she sought! She and her dear friend Lex headed off to a yarn dying class and their world became endless. An opportunity to share all the things she loves in fibre form with the fibre world. 9 months later Nerds With Needles was born.

Theresa loves sharing their brand with those in the fibre community and can often be found at the Alderney Landing Farmers Market on Saturday’s or traveling to fibre events in Atlantic Canada. She’s quick to share tips and tricks for dyeing yarn, guidance on purchases and every so often weaving on her loom.

Alexis learned to knit from her mother at a very young age, but it took a long break in life to get past a terrible imitation of a scarf. In her 20’s Alexis picked it up again to help focus her ADHD. Using the power of the worldwide web and some instructional books, she retaught herself to knit, and never stopped.

Always a pretty big, self-proclaimed geek, embracing D&D, video games, comics, knitting just seemed to fit right in. From there the passion moved to all thing’s fibre. Knitting, crocheting, spinning… why not learn to dye what she needed! When an opportunity to learn hands on came around, she reached out to Theresa who was fully on board to learn too!

That was when the real love of dyeing started. The more they did the more there was to learn. Once there was more dyed yarn than either could possibly use the idea began to form for the business. Alexis enjoys vibing with the fibre community and learning anything new! You can catch her at all events and markets knitting, crocheting and sometimes spinning! As the real sock knitter of the duo she enjoys testing new patterns and gifting her creations to her family.