Have you ever done a left brain/right brain test? The theory is that everyone has a dominant side. If you tend to be analytical and methodical in your thinking, you’re said to be left brained. If you lean towards creative and artistic thinking, you’re likely more right brained. I truly believe fibre artists (especially knitting and pattern writers) walk the thin line between the two…it’s where I’ve resided most of my life!

I began my love affair of knitting much later than some, but my desire to create always simmered under the surface and I have dabbled in many crafty techniques. While I have degrees in economics and statistics (here’s MY nerdy connection!) I have always had a desire to create but never channeled it into one form for a long period of time. After attempting to learn to knit multiple times throughout my life I never got much beyond the “practice” pieces of long belts and scarves that looked terrible! Then I wanted a couple of specific pieces made…I begged my mother to knit them, and she did, but after the 4th or 5th she looked at me and said, “you know, you can do this yourself”? Taking the challenge head on I decided it was time and with the help of the experienced knitters in my life (and lots of YouTube) quickly learned that it is not that intimidating!

From there I have learned, and continue to learn, as many stitches as possible, and in doing so began to experiment with my own patterns. A longing to create new and beautiful things from yarn is my passion. Getting back to that left vs right…when I’m designing patterns my pen and calculator are right next to my needles and yarn!

I am a full time professional in the entertainment industry and this “side hustle” has become my refuge! In my “downtime” I need to feed my creative soul, from there Free Time Designs was born. Meeting Theresa and Alexis in 2021 with their beautiful collection of hand dyed yarn was a chance of fate, and an amazing opportunity. Now I get to bring my pieces to life with a superior and local product that is “just right” for what I want to grow!


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